Oscar & Millie has been formed to bring our design ideas to you and your much loved cat or dog. The mission is simple, to bring the highest quality products to market at the best price possible. All manufactured and sourced from the UK but with worldwide availability.

Andrew provides the technology expertise and has worked for over twenty years in educational software, most recently as a co-founder and director of an analytics business. Sharon has a psychology and counselling background and provides the product development expertise and design inspiration.

We are supported by a great design team and although it’s early days while we get our product catalogue together, we’re excited by the progress so far. Eventually we will be providing great new products or making existing ones better, so that you will have a superb range to chose from for your cat or dog, only the best will do! We are also sourcing preferred suppliers for a key range of products that we don’t intend to produce ourselves, but are still essential to your pet. Our product partners will support our values of produced and sourced in the UK and provide top quality guaranteed. If you think you have a product or a design idea that would support our mission, please do get in touch at hello@oscarandmillie.com.

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We are delighted and proud to be supporting the Dogs Trust and Cats Protection charities with an annual donation.

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